Smart Window Film

Electrically activated Smart-Film that changes from Opaque to Clear with the flick of a switch or press of a button on a remote. This product is supplied as a static (non-adhesive) window film that is custom made to suit your specific window size.

PRIVASEE Smart Window Film


About Smart-Film Technology:

PRIVASEE Smart-Film is an electrically activated window film that changes from Opaque to Clear with the flick of a switch, press of a remote control or simple "Hey Google". This product is supplied as a static (non-adhesive) window film that is custom made to suit specific window sizes. It is supplied in strips that are tiled together to create a continuous layer of film over the window.

Films are activated by our exclusive “PowerEdge” technology. PowerEdge is generally fitted to one side only, either at top, bottom or either side of the window, depending on the room configuration. For long, slender films, it is might be necessary to fit the PowerEdge at both ends of the film to ensure reliable activation, or one of the long sides. PowerEdge is exclusive to RediShade-AU! Operation is all low voltage, with just a power transformer required to plug into a nearby power outlet. Films can be DIY or professionally installed.

Best of all, the price for Smart Film is now similar to the price normally paid for Shutters and premium blinds!


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Why PRIVASEE Technology?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if power is lost to my house?

The “OFF” state (unpowered state) of the film is opaque, so if you lose power, the film will immediately turn opaque, and your privacy is protected. Power must be present to turn the film clear (ie, “ON” state).

Will the standard white film give me day and night privacy?

Yes, when the film is in the “OFF” state, it will turn opaque and it is not possible to see any detail through it, unless the object is within just 20-30mm from the window. Daytime privacy will generally be close to 100%. Depending on your room layout, it might be possible to see shadows inside the room at night, but no details are visible, and your privacy is maintained. 

How much light will come into my house after the white film is fitted?

When the film is “ON” (clear), you will get around 90% of the light transmission achieved with no film. When the film turns “OFF” (opaque), there will be around 50% light transmission into your room, which will appear like an even soft glow.

Are there other colour films, apart from white?

Yes, aside from white, which is our most popular colour, there is also grey and black film. When these are “ON”, they do not turn clear like the white film, but will allow you to see out and in through a grey or charcoal transparent layer, somewhat like tinting. When these films are opaque (“OFF”), they allow much less light into the room than white film and will provide much more light blocking into the room during daytime.

Do I need to buy a separate power transformer for each film?

No, the output from a transformer can be shared across multiple films. Each transformer comes in a range of power ratings, which correlate with a maximum m2 of film. The smallest transformer might be suitable for just 4 or 6m2, but there are versions that can power up to 54m2 of films, all sharing the same transformer. The only thing to keep in mind is that a shared transformer means all the connected films will always be controlled as a single group, not individually switchable.

How easy is the PRIVASEE film to do a DIY install?

Installing PRIVASEE film is a snap! Thoroughly clean the inside of glass using a scraper or razor to remove any bumps or sticky residue, then clean down with a good quality glass cleaner and lint free cloth. After that is done, spray the inside of the window liberally using water with a few drops of detergent. Start to peel the protective coating from the top edge of the film and attach around 100mm of film to the top of the glass. Using your hands and a squeegee, slowly work your way down the film pressing it against the glass, removing the rest of the protective coating as you go. Once the film is fully in place, spray the film liberally with a mix of water and few drops of detergent, then use the squeegee to push remaining trapped air bubbles to the side and bottom. We have a few helpful videos if you are not sure, click this link: Play Button


Can I install PRIVASEE on the outside of my window?

No, PRIVASEE film is only suitable for fitting indoors and cannot be used on the outside face of windows.

I have glass doors, can I use PRIVASEE film on these?

Yes, that’s no problem! We have different hardware kits available that can be used for all types of doors, including hinged, sliding and stackers doors. If you specify the type of door at time of enquiry, then we will include these in the quote.

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RediShade (Aust) was established early 2023 by Grant Norton (Managing Director), following the sale of his previous business to the global Hunter Douglas Group at the end of 2022. Norton has worked in the Australian window coverings industry for over 20 years and is regarded as a leading product innovator here and overseas. The move to RediShade has allowed Norton to bring exciting new products to the local market, including PRIVASEE Smart Window Film, which was launched by RediShade at the end of 2023. 

Your project is in safe hands! RediShade (Aust) is a member of the Blind Manufacturers Association of Australia (BMAA), the peak body for all window covering manufacturers and retailers across Australia. 

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